Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If “Can”, and “Must”, and “ShouldBecome

If from these shores where we now stand
By ocean, lake, and river tides,
And cast our thoughts to other lands,
Our hearts to other sides—

If from our lives we lift our sights
From barrio and ghetto-‘hood,
Past walls of prison days and nights
Toward “can”, and “must”, and “should”—

If from our blinders we depart
To find the sky’s immense expanse
Reflecting back into our heart
The world where others dance—

Where cargo goes and comes around,
Where forests stripped by profit greed,
And camps, and mines, and shantytowns
Twist every human need—

Through manacles on minds and hearts,
Through lives of class and lives of caste,
Where we and others dance our parts,
Millenniums have passed—

In cratered cities, blood-soaked lands,
With lives still stalked by heartless fates
Set loose on earth by deathly hands;
We gather at the gates—

When at these gates, and from these shores,
Begins a full and true embrace
Where “can”, and “must”, and “should” combine;
We touch each other’s face—

And, recognize ourselves in kind
As tears and laughter rise and fall
From many-colored countenance;
We rip the darkened pall—

If from these shores, and at these gates,
We reach to claim our life on Earth,
And, “can”, and “must”, and “should” reveal
A better world in birth…

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